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          1.   客服熱線:13668873827
            關于盛海 > 公司簡介



                   Qingdao Shenghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology company integrating marine environmental monitoring, system integration, marine instrument sales and independent research and development. Our goal is to become one of the national leading marine related R & D enterprises and our responsibility is to boost the marine industry in China. Our core concept is Sound in Morality, Gaining Precision and Pursuing Stabilization. We are devoted to provide advanced and reliable system integration services and instruments for hydrology and water quality, meteorological monitoring and geological exploration.

                   We maintain good cooperation with many universities in Beijing, Qingdao, etc, and keep close business contact with many overseas countries and regions. Our company represents advanced professional marine instruments of the world famous companies.  With the mission “Set the sail of Shenghai Hi-tech,  Build the dream of Maritime Power”, we provide  top-ranking equipment, system integration and  one-stop solutions with strong technical strength, excellent product performance and outstanding product quality.



            電子郵箱: 13668873827@139.com